Frequently Asked Questions about Trailer Maintenance & Tips, How-To's and Warranties

1. Can an individual buy direct from the factory?

Aluma only sells through dealers, we do not retail through the factory. Please use the dealer locator to help you find the dealer nearest you. If you are having difficulties finding a dealer, feel free to contact us directly.

2. Is the warranty transferable if a trailer is sold to another individual?

No, the warranty is effective for the original owner only. If purchasing a used trailer from a dealership, any warranty offered is at the discretion of the dealer and is their responsibility. If any additional information is needed on our warranty policy, please contact your local dealer or call the factory direct at (866) 415-3285.

3. What is the wheel lug nut torque and how often do I check it?

Please torque in a 3 stage process - always tighten in a "star" pattern. Tighten one nut, then move across to the next & etc., until all are tight in this "star" pattern.

  • 1st stage, torque all lug nuts to 20-25 lbs
  • 2nd stage, torque all lug nuts to 50-60 lbs
  • 3rd stage, torque all lug nuts to 95-100 lbs

95-100 lbs is the recommended torque for these stainless steel lugs on the aluminum rims.

Please check lug torque at 50 miles, at 200 miles, and every 500 to 1,000 miles thereafter.

4. How often should the axle bearings be lubricated? What type of grease is recommended?

Bearings should be lubricated every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. To prepare the hubs for lubrication, please see the Dexter Axle owners manual that came with your trailer.


  • Thickener Type.............Lithium Complex
  • Dropping Point.............215*C (419*F)
  • Consistency..................NLGI No. 2
  • Additives......................EP, Corrosion & Oxidation Inhibitors
  • Viscosity Index.............80 Minimum


  • Mobil Oil......Mobilgreese HP, Mobilith AW2
  • Exxon/Standard...... Ronex MP
  • Pennzoil Product Co..Preminum Wheel Bearing Grease 707L
  • (taken from Dexter Azle "Operation Maintenance Service Manual")

5. What should I use to clean the aluminum on the trailer?

You can use any type of aluminum polish or cleaner. For painted aluminum sheeting on enclosed trailers, any non-abrasive, mild automotive cleanser can be used (car wash soap, i.e.). Aluma-Brite and Citra Brite are two brands used and recommended by dealers and owners. If you have a dark spot on your trailer bed, WD40 works the best.

6. What is the recommended tire pressure?

Please check the side of the tire for the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

7. What is the wiring schematic on an MCT?

We have an easy to follow wiring schematic that will explain how the wiring will work. Click on the pdf to download.  pdf Mctharness (15 KB)