Aluma Employees Donate to Shayla Bee Fund

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things!

Aluma Employees Donate to Shayla Bee FundAluma employees Chris Myhre, Cory Weishaar, and Daryl Klier devised a plan and option for all employees to make charitable donations to the Shayla Bee Fund.

The donation drive was kicked off on April 15, 2015 for employees to sign up by May 1, 2015. Each employee is able to contribute any amount of money they choose to be withdrawn from each paycheck. Aluma will write a quarterly check for the full amount donated to the Shayla Bee Fund. Each quarter, all employees enrolled in the donation program will have the chance to win a paid day off, compliments of Aluma. When the quarterly donation is made, Aluma will also draw 3 names of employees enrolled in the program, take them out to lunch then let them make the donation on the employees' behalf.

Anyone who has questions about what the Shayla Bee Fund is about can go to their website or look them up on Facebook.

Pictured in the photo are Daryl Klier (Aluma Shipping), Lindsay Nagel-Perez (Shayla's Mother), Cory Weishaar (Aluma Floor Supervisor), Dana Schmidt (Shayla Bee Fund Treasurer), Chris Myhre (Aluma Safety Supervisor), and Jerry Faulkner (Shayla's Grandfather and Shayla Bee Chairman).

Thanks to all of Aluma and the employees for helping a great cause.