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Introducing Aluma ES

Aluma ES 01

Aluma is proud to introduce our new line of trailers, Aluma ES, making our famous high-quality products affordable for every hauler. Starting at $2199 these models set our price to bring our top quality trailers to you without sacrificing our trusted all-aluminum build that guarantees dependability. Aluma ES is covered by our 5 year warranty and the peace of mind that comes with investing in Aluma - your longest lasting trailer. The ES currently includes our 78”wide models in lengths of 10’, 12’, and 14’. Each comes standard with a 3500# rubber torsion axle, 14 in steel wheels, 800# swivel tongue jack, aluminum tailgate, and special options available.

The ES currently includes our 78”wide models in lengths of 10’, 12’, and 14’. Each comes standard with a 3500# rubber torsion axle, 14 in steel wheels, 800# swivel tongue jack, aluminum tailgate, and special options available.

Aluma ES features

7812ES Aluma's dependable all-aluminum construction

  • Even though we've set the price lower we're not taking away from the Aluma quality you've come to expect. These trailers are still the most dependable aluminum you can get and we're excited to bring them to you at these prices!
  • If you do have any problems they're covered for manufacturing defect under our 5 year warranty!


7812ES Fram Rail7 inch sturdy frame rail

  • These trailers have our latest frame rail that you may have seen implemented on our 68 series and now our 72 trailers. 
  • Their sleek design makes for a very clean modern looking trailer. The new design also has many benefits for ease of use in securing your hauls.
  • The base model will have a frame rail to start but if you want to upgrade see the next section for an easy to install ladder rail!


7812ES ladder railLadder rail upgrade option

  • If you want a bit more wall on your trailer frame then you can upgrade to our new ladder rail design!
  • This easy-to-install option will aid in loading atvs and utvs if you don't want to drive right over the edge with larger tires. 

Click here to view the Aluma ES product page!

25 Years of Aluma - Anniversary Packages

25 Years 01

Celebrating 25 years of quality!

Aluma is upgrading select models in time to commemorate their 25th Anniversary.

82 tandem LightsWEB8216 25th web

Their 8200 Tandems and 8200 Tandem Tilts are getting an Anniversary upgrade package with new black rimmed Tiger Aluminum Wheels, 8 LED bed lights, lit storage box, tongue handle, receptacle for the trailer electrical plug, and air dam - all for this special occasion!8220HTilt 25th Transweb

7712 HSLR 25th webThe versatile 7712HSLR will also have a 25th package with new black wheels and front rail light. These features come standard along with their unbeatable 5 year warranty, strong lightweight construction, and exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from Aluma.  

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We have released these 25th Anniversary trailers and due to our large volumes they will be available in the first weeks of June as they are distributed to our dealer base.

Currently available to order with your nearest dealer.

NATM Approved Safety Videos

At Aluma every trip and every load is valued, we strive for a safe ride.

We’ve made NATM approved safety videos to demonstrate the proper steps to safely hooking, loading, and securing your haul.

NATM Approved Safety Videos

Hooking up your Aluma trailerHooking Up Your Trailer

  • Properly attaching your trailer to your vehicle is a must for safe transport. Failure to hook up a trailer to your hitch correctly can cause serious damage to your vehicle and your trailer. While also being a hazard to other drivers around you. Watch this video for the proper steps to a safe haul.
  • Watch online


20151028 weight distribution - 8114SR trailer on the highwayWeight Distribution

  • Proper weight distribution is key to a safe ride. Too much tongue weight can weigh down the vehicle and at high speeds may cause the ride to sway. At the same time, too much tail weight can cause the tongue to lift when detached from the hitch. Avoid these dangers by watching this video which demonstrates proper weight distribution on your trailer.
  • Watch online


Trailer safety & maintenance - tie down processTie-Down Process

  • Locking your load down is important for safe transportation. Aluma trailers come standard with several tie down points. Watch the video for proper steps for securing your load and tips for a safe haul.
  • Watch online


Pre-Departure Safety Checklist

For additional safety instructions, here’s a link to NATM’s “Before You Tow” checklist.

New Aluminum Trailer Models

We are proud to introduce some new models to our aluminum trailer line-up!


8114SS & 8114SR Utility Trailers

Take your pick of all solid sides OR ramps and solid sides!

04 24 2015 8114sr single heavy axle utility trailer

8114SR Shown

8200 Super Heavy Trailer

Two 7,000# axles and 16" tires! What are you going to haul?

04 24 2015 8200 super heavy trailer


8214HSTilt Trailer

This popular model is now available with a tilt bed!

04 24 2015 8214hs tilt light utility trailer


Iowa Governor Terry Branstad Visits Aluma Factory

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad Visits Aluma FactoryAluma was very pleased to host Iowa Governor Terry Branstad on Thursday, April 23rd. The Governor was out making business visits. He tries to visit as many businesses as he can each year.

Governor Branstad's main focus is to visit with business owners, find out what issues they are facing and how he can work with them from the state government level. His goal is for Iowa to be a good partner with Iowa-based businesses. The discussion included what the state government is doing to improve the business environment in Iowa.


Back, left to right: Bob Mortenson (engineering), Steve Vaske (engineering manager), Jim Wood (warranty manager & vendor relations), Kevin Lloyd (owner), Mike Lloyd (owner & CEO), Charles Oppedal (Bancroft plant manager), Al Laubenthal (sales manager)

Front, left to right: Carmen Moser (Palo Alto County Auditor), Lori McGuire (office manager), Governor Terry Branstad, Jim Tonderum (Emmetsburg plant manager), Bob Glarner (IT manager)