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Name: Forrest D. Wixon
Date posted: 27 Apr 2011
Message: In 2006 I purchased one of your trailers - Model AL3884 Serial number 1YGUS10106B023884. Unfortunately the data sheet on the trailer does not list the max gross weight or the axle weights. It has 13 inch tires, and A frame tongue. Can you furnish me the numbers that were left off and the part number for a stone shield? Love the trailer for hauling my trike or golf cart behind my 5th Wheel. Thanks for your help The model# is a 6810 which has a 2200# axle. The part# for the front rock gaurd is 41168. Thanks
Name: dale keppy
Date posted: 27 Apr 2011
Message: I purchased a 8112 from Thomas in Des Moines. It has the 69" atv ramps. What is the wgt. capacity of each ramp? The ramp pair should be able to handle about 1000# of evenly distributed weight. Thanks for buying Aluma!
Name: Mervin
Date posted: 27 Apr 2011
Message: I currently have a what I believe is a 7710 model and am looking to move to a 14' trailer but wish that there was an in between width of trailer between the 63" and 78" models such as a 68-72" model styled after the 63 series. Any chance in the future of a product within those dimensions? We have a 6314 and an 7714. We can make a 68" or 72" in the 14' model, also. Thanks for the suggestion. Mike
Name: DON
Date posted: 28 Apr 2011
Message: Instruction for mount spare tire rack on MC10 trailer. Part#44069 MC1F5-BOLT. iS this the right part number?, dealer order and sent it to me. Thanks Yes-we'll send you the instructions.
Name: Darrell Moore
Date posted: 27 Apr 2011
Message: Wanted to let you know that 4/18/2011 I purchased a 7X12 ATV trailer from Bennits in Scotia NY. I am very pleased with your product. Thanks for buying Aluma! Great to hear you got taken care of.
Name: Mike Lodahl
Date posted: 27 Apr 2011
Message: I need to change a flat tire on my Aluma 548. Is it OK to raise the wheel using a hand car jack applied to the axel close to the wheel? Is it sufficient to leave the trailer connected to the tow vehicle or do I need to block the other wheel? The trailer is loaded with mostly dry leaves--do I need to unload it first? You should be okay with the leaves but you should block the wheels. Thanks
Name: Maggie Folkers
Date posted: 18 Apr 2011
Message: can i buy the checker plate precut for the inside of a 8612C from you i would like to plate the wholes trailer. And do you also sell the ckecker plate for both sides of the small front door in the front? And can i also purchase a feul door for the side. Is there a recommended area to put it? We sell the ATP plating similar to the bottom front of the trailer-we also have fuel doors but these items will have to be bought thru a dealer. Thanks
Name: Terry Folkers
Date posted: 18 Apr 2011
Message: I have the Aluma enclose sled trailer with the ramp door. I went on to the web site to look at the snow trailers parts and was wondering is there some where i can go to see pictures of the stuff? We don't have any pictures of the accessories on the website at this time. Thanks
Name: ron Lunderville
Date posted: 18 Apr 2011
Message: I am looking at an 8112 and a 7712. Can you tell me why the 7712 is more expensive even though it is lighter duty?? Is the framing as strong ?? Thanks Ron The 7712 has a tailgate and aluminum wheels standard where the 8112 doesn't. Thanks
Name: Steve Duff
Date posted: 18 Apr 2011
Message: I have the MCTXL and was wondering why the kick stand is located under the cooler rack or can it be relocated just ahead of it for easier use. I love the trailer and it pulls great behind my Wing. Crowds gather around to check it out. Thomas Bus in DM provided great service and shipping - Thanks to Luke for a great experience. It can be moved forward for easier use. Great to hear you like the trailer and Thomas Bus provided good service. Thanks for buying Aluma!

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